Employment Support for Employers

Have you sometimes recruited executives and managers and later found they were not able to meet your expectations? You can improve your entire recruiting function and the effectiveness of your executive recruiters by incorporating a comprehensive process that gives you better control over the entire recruiting and interviewing process.    Learn more >

Career Strategist and Coach

Are you an executive, manager or professional who is in mid-career and faced with the need to search for a new job or explore a career change? By taking charge of your career, you will be far more successful at effectively communicating what you are best at doing and what you can bring to the table so others see you as the resource they need.    Learn more >

carl wellenstein

Carl Wellenstein

Carl Wellenstein has over thirty years of experience working with companies and individuals in the US, UK and Middle East. His key strengths are in identifying the end result that needs to be achieved, gaining clarity on the status of the current situation, and creating and developing processes that take companies and individuals from where they are to where they want to be. Examples of where he has been successful in the past include: (1) developing audit processes for organizations that key in on the highest risk areas, (2) creating business processes that are effective and pragmatic, (3) developing and implementing recruiting and interviewing processes that increase an organization’s ability to recruit the people the business needs, and (4) organizing and describing in simple steps the activities people in mid-career need to do to make successful career changes.

Company focus

  • Small to mid-sized companies who want to create and implement a process that will improve their ability to more clearly define measurable business objectives for specific functional areas.
  • Small to mid-sized companies that want to clarify the specific skills and experience they need for someone to successfully accomplish those objectives within defined timelines.
  • Business, financial and personnel recruitment advice to owners of small to mid-sized companies.

Executive focus

  • Executives, managers, professionals, and others in mid-career who want to make a strategic career move. This could be due to a desire to make a change or a need to make a change resulting from a reorganization, relocation, or career burnout in their current role.
  • Short-term strategic advice or a long-term coaching and partnering relationship.

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