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Are you an executive or manager in mid-career and need to make a job change or. possibly, want to explore your career options?

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Employers and Recruiters

Are you an employer who wants to improve your success at finding and selecting the right people that your business needs?
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Career Center

If you are in mid-career and want to take charge of your career, here is information you need to know that is specific to your situation.

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Media and Events

Looking for content by a career expert on mid-career issues or to interview an expert? Need a speaker for your event or to add a breakout or career coaching session?
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Working with individuals, ExecGlobalNet provides expert job search and career change information, help, and support that is unique to those in mid-career, such as executives and managers.
Working with companies, ExecGlobalNet helps them to develop and implement highly effective recruiting and interviewing processes that ensure they employ the right people who meet the needs of their organization. 

Career Advice

How do you respond when the interviewer asks, “Tell me about yourself”?

While there is no standard response that would always be appropriate, here is why you are probably being asked the question with some suggestions to help you create an effective response.

12 Steps to a New Career

If you are in mid-career, learn the 12 steps that will put you back in control of your career and guide you through the job change or career search process.

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Career Search Resources

Find resources, guides, and reference material that will help you expedite your job or career search.

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Job Search Tips

Practical advice for those in mid-career. No theory here. Just what we know works and what doesn't.

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Career Coach

Carl Wellenstein has the knowledge from going through his own transition, owning an executive search practice, and assisting companies in their interviews with candidates.

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Coaching Sessions

Talk to Carl Wellenstein, an expert career strategist and coach, who works with those in mid-career, such as executives and managers, who are searching for a new job or need to explore a career change.

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For career changers:

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A career coach in a book.

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