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The Career Center contains job search and career change information and resources specific to those in mid-career, such as those in executive, managerial, professional or senior administrative roles with several years of work experience.

12 Steps to a New Career

If you are in mid-career and you are looking to make a job change or search for a new career, 12 Steps to a New Career will guide you through the entire process. The author, Carl Wellenstein, will be your coach as he tells you what you need to do, when you need to do it, why it is important from the perspective of a recruiter or employer, and then shows you how to do it, accompanied by real-life examples. As one testimonial says, "This is not a book you just read. It is a book you use to find and have the career meant for you."

Resources and Worksheets

12 Steps to a New Career contains many worksheets that simplify what you need to do and makes reference to additional resources that due to publishing constraints I could not include in the book. Go to this section where you can download all the additional resource material and full-size worksheets that will make your journey easier for you. You can download the forms and the wealth of additional information at no cost to you.


If you are in mid-career, such as an executive, manager, experienced staff or professional, the content and appearance of your resume will be very different from someone who is a recent graduate, in the early years of their career, or in a blue collar role. Employers and recruiters will look at your resume from a different perspective and you need to understand how to prepare a powerful resume that sets you apart from others.

Job Search Q and A

In this section, you can read some typical job search or career change questions and answers specifically for those in mid-career. The questions come from years of experience and the answers explain what the author knows works in real life, not based on theory or what someone else thinks might work.

Career Strategist and Coach

Who is the author, Carl Wellenstein? Why is he an expert for those in mid-career? Find out why his unique experience qualifies him to be THE expert for those in mid-career. He's been on both sides of the table so he knows what you are going through and how you can best navigate your job or career change most effectively.

Coaching Sessions

Would you like to schedule a private telephone conversation with Carl Wellenstein, a career change expert for those in mid-career?


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