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Transitions in Mid-Career

We are the best source for accurate and effective job and career search information for individuals who are in mid-career.

If you are in mid-career and in transition or about to be, you have come to the right place.

Making a career or job transition in mid-life and mid-career is much different than it was earlier in your career. This website will help you to understand how it is different for you. We'll explain why in ways you can understand and give guidance on what you need to do that will be more successful for you.
First and foremost -- Your resume will NOT get you a job but you will not get a job WITHOUT one.
If you fit the profile described above, posting your resume on the Internet or sending it to recruiters or employers has about a 3% to 5% chance of your succcessfully finding a job. That means that something so easy and quick to do has a 95% to 97% chance of failure at finding a new job. Is that where you want to spend your time?
How do I know this? I unsuccessfully tried to transition to a new job at a very senior level. I co-founded an international executive search firm with offices in London and Birmingham, England where I learned how recruiters work and how employers make decisions about who they employ. I co-founded a career coaching business where a colleague and I worked with individuals who were in mid-career to help them find new jobs and fulfilling new careers.
Click on the links below for suggestions that highlight what you need to understand and do to implement an effective job (career) search at your level. If you are considering making a career change or think that might be an option you need to consider, go to the Career Center for more information that will be specific to you.

The Job Market at Mid-Career

How you approach your job search or look for a new career is much different for you if you are in your late twenties to late fifties with several years of work experience. Employers look at you differently than they do for younger and less experienced job seekers, your resume needs to look different, and you will need to rely more on your contacts.


You may have found your last job through a recruiter or you may have been headhunted for your current or last job by a recruiter. But now that you are experienced and older, and looking for a job, recruiters will not be as helpful. Find out why.


Your success at finding a new job or career will rely very heavily on the extent of your network. The extent of your network will rely very heavily on how well you build and use your network. You won't be successful if you use an approach that is more suited to networking for business. Networking for employment is much different and you need to understand the differences.

Self-Employment as a Career Option

Should you consider self-employment as a career option? And, if you should, what type of self-employment best meets your personal objectives and what skills and experience do you need to be successful?

Career Stories

Stories are the most powerful ways of communicating your strengths and achievements. Here are a sampling of stories about career change issues that might be relevant to your situation.
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