Transitions in Mid-Career

In the early stages of your career, employers and recruiters were more interested in your education, attitude, and avocational interests since you had limited or no practical work experience. Now that you are in mid-career with several years of work experience, the rules of making job changes are very different. Employers and recruiters are now more interested in your recent work experience and the amount of that experience in the employer’s industry. Learn more >

Resumes for Executives and Others in Mid-Career

When in mid-career, your resume will need to look much different from when you were in the earlier stages of your career. Then, because you didn’t have a lot of work experience to assess, potential employers made decisions about you based more on your education, attitude, and personality. Now, potential employers will focus more on your functional and industry experience. If you are now looking for a more senior-level position, they will also be looking for someone whose experience is primarily in their industry.

As a result, if you are the one that is initiating a job or career change, your resume will now need to focus on the position you want and your skills, experience and achievements that demonstrate you are qualified for the position you want. You will also need to communicate what you want to others whose help you will need to connect with others. The message to them must be concise, clear, and consistent with your resume. Since you are one person, your one resume must be a powerful reflection of what you bring to the table. Learn more >

Working with Recruiters

You may have found your last job through a recruiter or you may have been headhunted for your current or last job by a recruiter. But now that you are experienced and older, and looking for a job, recruiters will not be as helpful. Learn more >

Networking for Employment

Your success at finding a new job or career will rely very heavily on the extent of your network. The extent of your network will rely very heavily on how well you build and use your network. You won’t be successful if you use an approach that is more suited to networking for business. Networking for employment is much different and you need to understand the differences. Learn more >

Self-Employment as a Career Option

Should you consider self-employment as a career option? And, if you should, what type of self-employment best meets your personal objectives and what skills and experience do you need to be successful? Learn more >

Career Strategist and Coach

Are you in mid-career and would like to take charge of your career or, at least, take better control of it? Carl Wellenstein works with executives, managers, and professionals who are faced with the following:

  • You are contemplating making a job or career change and you are not clear as to what that might look like or how to go about it without compromising your current position.
  • You need to make a change due to a potential reorganization, relocation, or other event that you think might not work for you.
  • You are in transition and what you have been doing to find a new job hasn’t led to success yet. You are not sure why but you need to find out.
  • You are in transition and have been exploring both employment by a company and self-employment, such as consulting, but haven’t been successful at either yet.

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Request a Career Consultation

If you would like to request a Career Consultation session with Carl Wellenstein, here are three commonly requested areas that might relate to what you want:

Career Coaching Inquiry

You want to understand what a career strategist and coach can do for you and whether this is something you might want to consider. Or, you may already know you want to work with a career strategist and coach and you want to find out whether Carl Wellenstein is the right person to work with you. A Career Coaching Inquiry session generally takes about 30 to 45 minutes and there is no charge to you. Seeking career advice or requesting a review and comments on your resume would not be part of a Career Coaching Inquiry session.

Career Overview Assessment

You have specific questions and want recommendations and advice that can enhance your job search or help you clarify and pursue your career options. This 90-minute session with Carl Wellenstein might give you the information you need to get started on your own. Prior to a conversation with Carl, you would need to send him a draft resume/CV/bio. After he reviews your information, he will ask you some questions that you will need to answer before scheduling your Career Overview Assessment. There is a small fee for the Career Overview Assessment session.

Sponsored Career Coaching Sessions

Carl supports several associations or organizations under previously-agreed arrangements. If you have been instructed by an association or organization to contact Carl, this session will be similar in nature to the Career Overview Assessment session but will be limited to 50 minutes. The fee to you will be at a rate previously agreed with the association or organization. These sessions are typically limited to answering specific questions. To get the most from these session, we encourage participants to send their resume and questions to Carl in advance of scheduling the session.

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Resource Library

Visit the Resource Library for Executives for additional career search information that specifically relates to those who are in mid-career and looking to transition to a new job or career. Learn more >

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